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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Cali Clone FAQs, where we address your most frequently asked questions about our cutting-edge product. Whether you’re a seasoned user or just getting started, these FAQs are designed to provide clarity and support. 

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What’s the process for purchasing?

You can order your clones two ways.
1. If you’re outside the Metro Detroit Area we offer a way to transport your plants to you safely from Tuesday to Friday. We do not deliver on weekends or holidays. Due to safety concerns, plants are shipped as hemp with certificates either from ups or fed ex. Plants when shipped have no Thc in them . It’s up to you the grower to flower them to develop Thc. After ordering and payment , we will send you strain information corresponding to numbered codes on your individual plants. Every plant is tagged with a numbered code. This is due to delivery requirements. Plants are delivered in a plain brown box either one or two day shipping. After ordering we will provide you with tracking information.

If ordering in the metro detroit area , please text us at +14244886552 or email us at [email protected] for plant availability and prices.

How Do You Ship?

Plants are conveniently transported in plaun brown boxes . In order for plants to safely travel direct to you they contain hemp coa and numbered hemp codes. When ordering we will provide a confirmation email with the names of strains that correspond to the codes. Please note that at the time of transporting are plants no traces of thc . Example of a xl large plant shipped

Pests, mildew and other viruses

If your in the metro detroit area , please text or email us to pick up available strains

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