Cannovum Cannabis AG Says Areas For More Than 500 Cannabis Clubs Available Amid Argricultural Partnership


Cannovum Cannabis AG: Areas for more than 500 cannabis clubs are available in the cultivation alliance. Exclusive partnership with some of the largest agricultural companies in Germany.

Cannovum Cannabis AG (stock exchanges Frankfurt/Xetra, Düsseldorf, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, gettex: ISIN DE000A37FUP2) welcomes the legalization of cannabis passed by the Bundestag. With the upcoming cannabis clubs, Cannovum Cannabis AG intends to generate significant revenues and create significant added value for shareholders and society.

Exclusive cultivation areas and services are already available for more than 500 cannabis clubs. The subsidiary of Cannovum Cannabis AG, Anbau-Allianz für Deutschland GmbH, offers an unrivaled service in a unique and exclusive partnership with large, regional horticultural and agricultural companies in Germany. The clubs pay an all-inclusive monthly rental and service fee. The partners of the cultivation alliance manage more than 16.5 hectares of greenhouses, 100 hectares of open space and 2,000 hectares of agriculture throughout Germany.

Commercial product range for cannabis clubs

This innovative product range provides cannabis clubs with high-quality cultivation areas in existing facilities. The areas are equipped with professional equipment and offer the highest safety precautions. This enables clubs to ensure the safe and regulated cultivation of recreational cannabis in accordance with the legal framework. In return, the clubs pay a monthly fee to Anbau-Allianz für Deutschland GmbH.

This enables the clubs to supply their members without a large capital investment and thus become part of a growing movement. “With our service, we are unique on the market because clubs can grow cannabis quickly and professionally without a large upfront investment,” says Tim Spieker, Managing Director of Anbau-Allianz für Deutschland GmbH.

Enormous market and growth potential for cannabis clubs

The Cannabis Act (CanG) passed by the Bundestag on February 23, 2024 stipulates that each club may supply up to 500 members with a maximum of 50 grams of cannabis per month. Based on the current prices on the “black market”, this results in an annual supply potential of 2.1 million euros per club. In its law, the federal government assumes that there will be 1,000 clubs as cultivation associations in the first year after it comes into force and that 500 will be added in each subsequent year. There are already 139 clubs with “cannabis” in their name registered in German association registers.

“We are convinced that our offering is not only important for the development of the German cannabis market, but also represents an exceptional opportunity for investors to participate in this growth,” said KIaus Madzia, CEO of Cannovum Cannabis AG. “We are determined to take a leading role in the industry through the Cultivation Alliance and create sustainable value for our shareholders, customers and society.”

Partners of Anbau-Allianz für Deutschland GmbH include Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, the horticultural companies Hortensien Spieker, UN Moorman, Baum Düsseldorf UG, Janßen Group, Blumen Rieke and Cox Gartenbau, as well as the innovative growth optimizer Spex AI, Gartenbauversicherung Deutschland VVaG, the international analytics company Wessling, the market leader for biological plant protection Koppert and the supplier of ecological plant pots Pottburri.


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