Physical Pointers That Help You Select Healthy Clone-Saplings


First-time growers always make a mistake by selecting unhealthy saplings. They end up losing money and time. It is possible to identify the cannabis saplings just by their physical appearance.


  • You can select healthy saplings if you select a Genuine grower like The Clone Conservatory online
  • You should closely observe the leaf, root, and stem of the saplings
  • It is important to focus on the overall vitality factor of the saplings


Notice the leaf color


If the clone is of good quality then the leaf color will be more vibrant and uniform. The saplings that show marks of green and yellow patches may not be your ideal choice.



You should consider looking around for Marijuana Clone that have a very consistent leaf color. You also have to focus on the shape of the leaf.




You must select lone saplings that exhibit a very smooth leaf texture. If you notice the leaves are damaged, the saplings could be infected by pests.


If you search for Marijuana Clones for Sale near me then it is best to avoid selecting saplings that have curly leaves. The stem of the saplings should also be very much sturdy.


Paying attention to the external symmetry of the saplings will help you select healthy ones for cultivating. If the saplings exhibit perfect symmetry then the clones will survive for a longer time. There are chances that the saplings will grow and start flowering.


When you select clone saplings, always ensure that you have tested their growth rate as well. Signs of disease and pest infestation are visible on the saplings.


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