Why Feminized Clones Are the First Choice for Growers


If you are a professional grower, you may be the kind of grower that only selects feminized clone saplings. This breed is a favorite with any grower who needs to gurarntee the best yield.


If you want to extract CBD from flowers, you have to cultivate feminized saplings. You can search for The Clone Conservatory to ensure your choice is genuine.


Guaranteed yield


  • Feminized clone saplings can only bear flowers
  • You will be able to extract CBD only if the plant bears flowers
  • A male variant of the plant will only be used to reproduce with female flowers

So, you must be certain that CBD Clones mainly contain female flowers. If you invest your money in male types, they may not reproduce or germinate.


Best cultivation setup


You have to keep in mind that if you grow marijuana, then you need a clean setup. This is only possible if you are using feminized clone saplings.


The clone saplings will grow at a faster rate and start producing buds. The Clone Conservatory is Cannabis Nursery that will always suggest growers invest in feminized clone saplings.




If you are a professional grower, then you consistently need flowering plants. You can purchase clones from the best dealers like “The Clone Conservatory” and grow them into a healthy plant.


This means that you can grow offspring from the same plant to keep your business running. This is what consistency is about. If you select quality feminized clones, you can grow healthy offspring as well.


If you only have feminized clone saplings in your dispensary, then the chances of accidental pollination are almost negligible. You can aim for regulated pollination.


For more information please visit: — https://thecloneconservatory.com


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